November 2015

MarTEL is pleased to announce that they have secured new funding under the MariLANG project as part of the EU Erasmus+ funding stream to help further develop the MarTEL Tests and Training materials as well as expanding the MarTEL Partnership into new organisations and Universities.

MariLANG aims to bring the two worlds of the IMO and EU together and cross-reference their requirements (IMO Model Course and EU’s CEFR, EQF and ECVET frameworks) taking advantage of the outcomes of EU funded Maritime English MarTEL and MarTEL Plus and SeaTALK ( projects to develop Maritime English learning and assessment frameworks for the 3 new categories of seafarers identified in the 2015 revised 3.17 Maritime English Model Course who do not currently have such frameworks, namely:

  • Electro-Technical Officers,
  • GMDSS radio operators, and
  • Personnel providing direct service to passengers in passenger spaces on passenger ships

The project will last 3 years starting in November 2015 and more information can be found here:

September 2015

Since January 2013 several MarTEL Partners have been working on the SeaTALK project and are pleased to announce that the SeaTALK online platform is now launched!

The SeaTALK online platform is designed to provide Maritime English Training Modules and access to online learning materials within a framework of STCW competences, CEFR levels and the ECVET system that will help seafarers train to take the MarTEL Test and training institutions deliver appropriate training courses.

The SeaTALK platform offers Maritime English Training Modules for each rank and function on board:

  • Deck Ratings (Support Level)
  • Engineering Ratings (Support Level)
  • Deck Officers (Operational Level)
  • Engineering Officers (Operational Level)
  • Electro Technical Officers (Operational Level)
  • Senior Deck Officers (Management Level)
  • Senior Engineering Officers (Management Level)

Not only can you use the SeaTALK Training Modules and Learning Materials, if you are a Maritime English Teacher you can also contribute your own Learning Materials to the platform as many have already done!

For more information about SeaTALK please visit:

June 2015

The MarTEL Team were pleased to be able to demonstrate the MarTEL tests at The SeaTALK Maritime English Symposium at IMO's World Maritime university in Malmo, Sweden on the 17th June 2015. MarTEL was presented to over 50 guests from 30 countries - a truly global audience. The audience responded warmly to MarTEL and acknowledged the need for a single standardised approach to testing Maritime English to increase safety and we at MarTEL look forward to future collaborations with many of the delegates.

There was also a meeting of several MarTEL Test Developers and Assessors on the 15 - 16 June 2015 where the updated MarTEL scoring system and Rating scales were presented and assessors received refresher training. The training went well and the team is confident that the new grading system will mean secure the reliability of the grading of MarTEL Tests in the future.

The MarTEL team has continued to have meetings with International partners seeking new ways to deliver the Training and Tests to a global audience and there have been exciting developments - more news about this will be published as it becomes available.

January 2015

As readers will be aware the IMO have asked the International Maritime Lecturers Association I(MLA) to revise the 3.17 (Maritime English) Model Course. We at MarTEL have been involved with the revision process and are proud to reveal that the new model course clearly references MarTEL. This validates the structure and content of the MarTEL Tests as being recognised by the academic and policy making bodies of the Maritime Industry through the drafting of the revised course.

As such we will now be moving ahead with our meetings with International delivery partners and Industry representatives to determine the best approach for delivering MarTEL Tests and Training to the global community.

February 2014

International Promotional Activities

MarTEL Directors and Project officers from Turkey recently had meetings in Genoa IMO accredited education facilities regarding implementing MarTEL. Meetings were also held with the senior colleagues at number of major shipping companies in Italy to discuss the potential for incorporating MarTEL into their personnel development programmes. The MarTEL Chairman was also invited to give a lecture at the prestigious International Propeller Club in Genoa.

The MarTEL Directors are currently involved in ongoing discussions with the Turkish Chamber of Shipping and the Maritime Industry leaders about tailoring a service in order to implement the MarTEL Tests across Turkey during 2014.

Further Research and Development Activities 2013-2015

The major and prestiguous EU funded SeaTalk Project aims to develop a Maritime English ECVET model for the mutual recognition and transparency of learning outcomes and competencies within the EU. The SeaTalk ECVET model will lead to enhanced training courses in line with ECVET principle that will support the MarTEL Tests and Training Courses. Several members of the MarTEL development team are involved in the EU funded project which will run until June 2015. For more information please visit:

The ACTS project has two main area of focus: one concerns recently identified skill gaps (Szozda, 2012) relating to recent accidents (e.g. Costa Concordia), and the other relates to identified problems in the application of current collision regulations (Colregs, 1972). The ACTS project includes collisions with fixed objects (Groundings). The outcome of the ACTS project will be an online learning platform designed to deliver self learning courses and programmes for seafarers to update their Colregs knowledge.

The temporary ACTS website is available at:

November 2013

MarTEL International Promotional Activities

MarTEL Directors attended both the IMEC and IMLA Conferences in Istanbul and Canada respectively. The MarTEL Tests in their final form, as approved by the EU via the UK National Agency, were officially launched to the audiences of Maritime Education Professionals from around the world. The tests were well received and we have received higher levels of Interest about MarTEL from across the globe.


June 2013

The MarTEL Plus project report was received from the UK National Agency, where the project scored very highly. The outcomes of the MarTEL Plus project are being maintained and valorised during the post funding stage.

All key project deliverables were met and completed thanks to the collaborative efforts of the project consortium. A new website was recently launched showing the MarTEL Plus features and functionalities and this is now live on the following link:

Encouraging news has reached the MarTEL team. A number of centres around the world have shown interest in becoming a test centre. Negotiations are taking place and an update will be available in the forthcoming months.

MarTEL is continuously trying to enhance its tests and materials; and evaluation activities are taking place across the partnership to enhance the quality of the MarTEL. Full piloting will take place with Piri Reis University Meslek Yuksek Okulu programmes in 2013/14 academic year. Upon piloting, further enhancements to the assessment platform will be made with the lead of IT partner, SPIN.

MarTEL was presented in a workshop held at European Maritime Day 2013 in Malta. Capt, Professor Dr Janusz Uriasz, from University of Szczecin, presented a short summary of MarTEL on behalf of Centre for Factories of the Future. Summary of his presentation can be downloaded from Marifuture May progress report (

MarTEL was chosen as one of the best LLP project in UK and allocated an exhibition stand at Telford language conference in UK in June. Preparations are being made by the MarTEL team. Outcome of the exhibition will be available in June progress report.

The MarTEL partnership invites all interested parties, including seafarers of all ranks, maritime industry experts, professionals and organisations, and those institutions or companies. For more information, please visit project website.

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