Who is involved with MarTEL?

There have been two completed MarTEL projects: MarTEL and MarTEL Plus. Many partners were involved in the completion of both projects, whereas MarTEL Plus invited new organisations into the partnership. The partnerships were comprised of several major accredited education and training centres across Europe, including numerous maritime companies. Each partner contributed towards the project’s success with their own expertise. Below is a list of the partners that have been involved in the MarTEL projects in one way or another to date:

C4FF - Centre for Factories of the Future (United Kingdom)

C4FF’s maritime education division has had many years of experience in developing programmes based on the international standards for the education and training of merchant navy officers, whilst also operating in other areas of business expertise, including automation, hybrid vehicle design and artificial intelligence.

TUDEV – Turkish Maritime Institute (Turkey)

TUDEV institute is a maritime education and training (MET) provider established by the Turkish maritime industry. TUDEV is part of the Maritime Employers Association and the Turkish Chamber of Shipping.

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SUAS/SAMK)

SAMK is one of the major institutions of higher education in Finland. Its Faculty of Technology and Maritime Management has a substantial reputation in technology and maritime studies and related research.

Centre of Development Works (OPR)

OPR is a maritime education provider and research centre, which places emphasis on upgrading existing marine standards. It specialise in the upgrade and assessment of professional competencies, developing modern techniques and tools for learning, and evaluating marine navigation systems. Research is focused on the human factor and safety of navigation.

Spinaker d.o.o (SPIN)

SPIN is the largest maritime education company in Slovenia. They develop and deliver their own training programmes (including content) for all of their courses.

Piri Reis University (PRU)

Piri Reis University is the first maritime university in Turkey, providing a wide range of maritime and non-maritime subjects. PRU was established by the support and sponsorship of the Turkish maritime sector.

Nicola Vaptsarov Naval Academy (NVNA)

NVNA is the oldest technical school in Bulgaria. With its illustrious history and traditions in training sea specialists, NVNA is one of the symbols of Varna and Bulgaria in the world maritime community. The academy trains specialists for the Navy and for the Merchant Navy in all areas of maritime life.

National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI)

NMCI offers degree courses in Nautical Science and Marine and Plant Engineering, as well as a Certificate in Navigational Studies (Seamanship), which suits school leavers and those with experience of working aboard merchant ships or fishing vessels.

World Maritime University (WMU)

The World Maritime University operates under the auspices of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), a specialised agency of the United Nations. WMU thus enjoys the status, privileges and immunities of a UN institution in Sweden. Established by an IMO Assembly Resolution in 1983, its basic aim is to enhance the objectives and goals of the IMO and IMO member states around the world.

GCNS – Glasgow College of Nautical Studies (Scotland)

The mission of GCNS is to provide a full range of education and training solutions to meet the current and future needs of individual students, the maritime and local industries, and commerce and the local communities. In doing so it offers equality of opportunity and access to all by pursuit of practices that are designed to promote equality and tackle discrimination of any kind.

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (Scotland)

The Place of Useful Learning, committed to the advance of society through excellence in research, education and knowledge exchange, and creative engagement with partner organisations at a local, national and international level.

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