Test Results

Receiving the test takers results

After completion of the test, the test results will be available normally within 30 days.

The test takers Test Report Form should comprise of:

  1. Phase Test Identifier – Phases 1, 2 or 3.
  2. Test type and if applicable which part i.e. Deck test or Marine Engineering test
  3. Score for each section of the test
  4. Overall % mark and a grade and which level this is equivalent to based on the CEF (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) i.e 70%, pass, C2.
  5. An overall evaluation including some comments on the test taker’s language skills

The score explained

Candidates are graded on their performance in the test according to the grading criteria as well as the percentage mark. Each section of the test has a different pass criteria and weight according to the standards required for a given rank/role in the merchant navy. The results from the five sections then produce an overall grade and percentage which is equivalent to levels based on the CEF (Common European Framework of References for Languages).

The grading/marking system is fair and consistent. It has been approved by a number of accrediting and awarding bodies including Edexcel. It is expected that candidates who successfully pass the test will receive an Edexcel certificate. This certificate will then be considered valid proof of candidates’ language abilities and will be seen as a recognised vocational qualification. All test takers and/or their institutions will be issued with the Test Report Form which clearly summaries the test results. As summarised above.

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